Wall wart sized Linux computer

The Marvell SheevaPlug plug computer
Need a Linux computer but don’t want something that gobbles space, power, and makes lots of noise? Check-out this wall-wart sized miracle of modern microcomputing.

Touted as a “completely open” platform, the new SheevaPlug is a small, full-blown computer that resembles the blocky style of wall-wart AC adapter we all are so familiar with. It has all of the usual features you expect in a computer such as 512MB of RAM, 512MB of flash, and a 1.2GHz ARM processor. All of this and it only draws 5 watts of power!

The SheevaPlug platform can run pretty much any standard Linux distribution that’s compiled for the ARM architecture and since the design is completely open, any other operating system could be ported to the device if desired. Marvell, the chip maker and designer of the device, is releasing schematics, circuit board layouts, and everything else needed to make the design your own.

Pricing is $99 for the single-quantity development kit, and in larger quanties, only $50 per SheevaPlug. Queue usual Linux jokes about making clusters, blah blah. Just remember that like any other wall wart you better have lots of plugs that are widely spaced if you want to run a bunch of them!