Send your digital pictures to granny

Photo printer that doesn't need a computer
Even if she doesn’t own a computer!

Targeted at people who don’t have computer or internet access, and judging by the promo photos, especially elderly people, a new startup called Presto is hoping to enable you to send your precious digital photos to everyone in your family. By using a special printer which can access the internet directly, (more) savvy computer users can e-mail digital pictures of little Johnny and Sarah to grandma and grandpa finally. The grandparents’ experience is much like using a FAX machine – the printer just spews the photos out automatically in beautiful, ink-gobbling color.

The Presto internet-less printer is $150 and the Presto service costs $10 per month. Of couse, you’ll pay the usual HP extortion rates for additional ink cartridges. Just imagine the kind of spam that granny can get with this thing! 😉 [via]