Put that old webcam to use as a surveillance camera

The Imview webcam to ethernet mini-server
Handy device converts a USB webcam into a network server camera.

If you’re like most people who tried a webcam, it’s sitting in a box or at best, sitting on your monitor collecting dust. Who wants to chat in video on a regular basis where the remote end can see you scratching your privates or dozing-off at their boring conversations?

Well, here’s a sweet gizmo that will let you put those spare webcams to use! The Imview is a USB to ethernet adapter. Well, it’s actually quite a bit more than that. It acts as a mini-server and allows you to stream the camera’s output to up to 30 viewing machines, automatically e-mail you when motion is detected, or send daily reports among other things. Thus, you can use a compatible webcam plus the Imview to create a surveillance system to keep a watch on your home, office, or other places that you don’t want people sneaking around unobserved.

The camera compatibility information is extremely sparse, but if you want to learn more, the Imview is available through a Chinese import company for $63.25 in single quantities.