Massive 4-bay external RAID enclosure

LaCie 4big Quadro external RAID drive
If your storage needs have outgrown that puny single-drive USB unit or you are a professional who needs tons of storage, high reliability, and extreme speed, this new LaCie 4big Quadra fits the bill and then some!

The new LaCie Quadra has 4 hot-swappable bays which will accept anything up to the latest 1.5TB drives for a whopping maximum storage of 6TB! If that’s just not enough storage for your pr0n… err… data, you can stack and daisy-chain the Quadras up to 4 times, for a maximum storage of 24TB. Wow – impressive (and expensive!) To interface with the unit, you can choose from FireWire 400 or 800 as well as eSATA. Of course, slow, CPU-intensive USB2 is also provided.

LaCie 4big Quadro hot swappable bays

You can choose from up to seven RAID modes, allowing you to select high speed or high data reliability. RAID mode selection is easy with just the change of a switch. Some data backup packages are included for both OS X and Windows. A button on the big4 Quadra also allows you to backup on-demand whenever you feel like it.

And, if that list of features isn’t enough, the Quadra features some good power-saving features which keep power consumption to 10W idle and only 37W seeking. A quiet cooling fan keeps your valuable data and drives clipping-along.

Get the LaCie 4big Quadra in several configurations ranging from 2TB for $850, 4TB for $1300, and 6TB for $1750. Who said that top-notch design and cutting-edge features came cheap?



  1. Love the design but damn the price.

  2. The design looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Cool


  3. I have to agree, it look’s nice but is kinda overpriced.