Home arcade game that’s easily portable

Tabletop arcade machine to play MAME or other games
If you just don’t have the room for a full-sized arcade-style cabinet in your house, yet you long to play MAME or other emulated games on something better than your computer, check this out!

Sadly, I just had to sell my home arcade which consisted of several full-sized standup games and a pinball machine. The games are incredibly fun to own and play, but they sure do take-up loads of space!

One idea I’ve been tossing around is building a counter-top style computer to play MAME games (or whatever). You could build it with a nice lightweight LCD monitor and make the cabinet small enough that you could store it whenever you need to.

Or, you can buy the DreamAuthentics Katana. It’s exactly what I was describing above: a small cabinet with real arcade controls and an LCD monitor to save weight. It’s perfect except for one thing: the price. The base model will run you $2500 and there are add-ons you can configure which take it even higher.

Still, for the well-heeled MAME player, it’s a very nice machine. I wonder if it has a touchscreen option so you can create a MegaTouch type game…



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  2. I always wished i could have one of that when i was a kid ! 🙂


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