Boost the storage on your Eee-PC with cheap CF cards

Use CF cards in your Eee-PC 901
Are you one of the many Asus Eee-PC owners who would like to boost the internal storage of your ultra-portable netbook? Do it cheap and quickly with this DIY CF to SSD adapter.

The ultra-portable Eee-PC netbook is one of the most popular gizmos right now thanks to it’s usefulness, portability, and the fact that it’s priced low enough to almost be an impulse purchase for nearly any computer fanatic. However, the low price means you don’t get the most storage and as we all know, you really can’t have enough storage!

The Eee-PC 901 comes in a couple configurations which may include a 12GB or 20GB solid-state drive (SSD). This is fine initially, but if you want to install more software, you may run out of space sooner than you expect. That’s where the DIY SSD to CF adapter from Geek Stuff comes-in.

Using this handy adapter, you can purchase any cheap regular Compact Flash (CF) card and use it for the main hard drive in your Eee-PC. Currently, that means you could boost your 12GB model or 20GB model to a whopping 32GB using an inexpensive 32GB CF card. You just remove the old storage in your netbook and pop this in its place. Of course, as higher capacity CF cards are introduced, you can just swap those in and store even more stuff!

If you’ve got an Eee-PC 901 and want to boost your storage capability, check-out the DIY SSD to CF adapter for under $50.

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