300GB drive coming soon for your laptop

300GB laptop hard drive by Fujitsu
Gone are the days of the puny 80GB drive in your portable devices. Well, they will be gone soon…

It will surprise no readers of this site that technology marches on. It was not long ago that 100GB was “large” for a laptop hard drive and now, Fujitsu is raising the bar with a 300GB 2.5 inch laptop drive. I’m sure it’s still a pathetic 5400RPM model, and personally, I’d prefer to see more manufacturers getting 7200RPM across the board over huge capacities, but I’ll take what I can get.

The Fujitsu 300GB laptop drive claims to be the largest SATA 2.5″ drive in the world. The only question is how large a hole in your wallet that tiny drive will create.


  1. Flash based drives are the way to go, they’ll consume less power and the seek times will be instant ! But like all technology, any thing better than what we got existing is always a welcome change !