Wireless rollable PDA keyboard made with fabric

This PDA keyboard is made from fabric and rolls up!
For the road warrior who lives by their PDA, having a full-size keyboard is a real productivity enhancer. Yet, you don’t want to haul around a large, rigid keyboard as that ruins the benefits of using a PDA over a laptop. What do you do? Get this wireless keyboard that rolls up!

This 3 ounce keyboard miracle uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect with your PDA, smart phone, phone, or whatever else you have that can accept text via a BT connection. You simply unroll it, turn it on, and begin typing. When you’re done, roll it back up and place it into your pocket, briefcase, or bag. It couldn’t be simpler and any PDA user will instantly know the benefits of using a full-sized keyboard instead of the on-screen input methods!

You can get the Wireless Fabric Keyboard for yourself for $130 so get rollin’! (Note: link it tinyurled because of the hideously long, early 90’s URL structure RedEnvelope uses.)