Use your laptop to hide valuable items

The StashCard secret hiding place
Well, that is only if you carry stuff more valuable than a laptop computer…

When I first saw this gizmo, I thought “hey, that’s a pretty good idea!” That is, until I realized that you’re using a valuable, visible item to hide another item of value.

The StashCard is a small container that cleverly slips into an unused PCMCIA (or PC-card as the new name goes) slot in your laptop. Inside this fake card, you can hide things like cash, flash cards filled with spy information, or anything else that’s pretty darned thin.

However, if you just need somewhere to store an extra flash card and your slots are empty, this might be handy as it will always be nearby the computer. At only $10, it’s a pretty cool idea even if you only use it for mundane storage and nothing that James Bond would find exciting.