USB powered LCD mini monitor

The Mimo 710 USB connected mini LCD monitor
Add a tad bit more screen area to your computing experience with this no-hassle USB connected auxiliary LCD monitor.

If you could use a little bit more screen space to hold your IM chat window, Photoshop toolbars, or maybe watch a movie, these mini LCD monitors are just what you need.

Each Mimo Monitors monitor has a simple USB connection to your computer. This connection provides both the power and the data connection, so you don’t have to use another video card or something like that. Thus, it’s perfect for laptops which don’t have the option for adding additional video cards.

The monitor is 7″ wide and displays 800×480 resolution making it perfect for holding chat windows or watching the output from your Slingbox. The stand pivots and raises/lowers so you can adjust the Mimo 710 to fit your ergonomic situation. Drivers for both Windows and OS X are provided, which is a nice change from most vendors who pander only to Windows users.

Check out the Mimo Monitors 710 for $130 and reduce the clutter on your main computer screen.


  1. Fan says:

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