Tame that mess of cables behind your computer

The Cable-Safe cable management system
I know that most of you probably avoid looking behind your computers due to the hideous spaghetti tangle of cables and wires. Not only is it unsightly, but it’s a serious pain in the butt find which cable goes where.

Well, if you use the Cable-Safe cable management system, you can bundle, tie, and tuck those long cords and cables into a neat, almost display-worthy package. The cable management system hangs from your desk and has various arms and hooks to which you can affix the bundles of wires. Doing this, you can easily locate the appropriate cable for each device should you ever need to unplug or rearrange things.

The Cable-Safe cable management system is around $30 but if you want to really get organized, you can get a case-pack of six for $170. I know I could certainly use a few of these for my computers and my TV/entertainment setup!