Solar powered USB flash drive?

USB flash drive with built-in LCD display and solar panel
One of the benefits of flash memory is that it doesn’t require electricity to retain its contents. So why, then does this USB flash drive have a solar energy source?

The solar panel that’s built into the flash drive generates electricity — not for the flash memory, of course, but to run a clever LCD display. The display shows how much remaining capacity is available on the drive so that you don’t have to plug it into a computer to see the value.

It would be really cool if you could put a text file on the flash drive which would be displayed on the LCD, but for now, simply showing the free space is much better than the other display-less drives do!

Information is very sparse but I’d imagine you’ll start seeing these at the common online retailers pretty soon.



  1. Im sure that when the open source people get their hands on this you can expect them to create many hacks for this showing CPU/RAM usage, scrolling messages etc..