Retro gaming is better with this USB NES controller

Retro NES style controller plugs into USB ports on modern computers
If you love playing old games in emulators on your modern computer, this old-school style NES style controller will take your gaming to the next level (pun intended).

Modern computers have tons of power, which means that they can do a pretty decent job emulating older game consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Genesis.

But there is one thing missing, and it’s a big thing…

The controls. It’s just not the same to use a keyboard to play games that were intended to work with a dedicated controller.

Enter this USB enabled NES style controller. Just pop it into any USB port on your computer and you’ll be wowed with the authentic feeling and the high scores you’ll be setting. It features an 8 way d-pad and 4 digital buttons. It works on both Mac and Windows.

Grab the USB NES style controller and get your game on! Oh yeah — at the time of this writing, it’s on sale for less than $9!