Put your feet to use while using the computer

Foot pedals to control your computer
No longer must your feet sit there doing nothing productive while your hands get a serious workout on the keyboard and mouse — with these foot buttons, you improve your productivity and gaming skills!

I’m one of those people who plays a lot of games. Many of those games are MMORPGs, so I spend my fair amount of time running all over the place. However, I often try to cram a lunch in while I’m driving my character around, and sometimes that takes two hands. So, I’ve often wondered why nobody made a gizmo for your feet that would connect to the computer and give you a couple of extra buttons. The Fragpedal is just that.

The FragPedal Elite USB footpedal gives you a couple of easy-to-press buttons which sit on the floor and can be pressed with your feet. Now, you can throw a grenade or even just launch (or hide) solitaire without moving your hands. For me, I can run my MMORPG character around, steering left and right as I use my hands to stuff a sandwich in my piehole 😉

You can buy the Fragpedal Elite USB footpedal for $70-80 depending on if it’s on sale or not. Also, check-out this review of the Fragpedal.


  1. Yesss! No more footless sessions of runecsape leveling! Haha very cool