Put those cable-passthrough holes in your desk to use!

Desk-mounted iPod dock
Most “computer” desks these days have those 3-inch or so holes which are used to pass cables from underneath the desk to the monitor, keyboard, and other gizmos on the top. However, most people don’t need all of those holes and they sit empty and worthless. Until now…

Belkin has come-up with a use for your unused cable pass-throughs — they created a couple of USB hubs and an iPod dock which mount in the unused holes. That means there’s no more crawling around under the desk, behind the computer looking for a USB port. Now you can just plug your devices into the hub mounted right in the desk.

It’s borderline genius in my opinion and it’s amazing that nothing like this has been produced yet!

The other option, if you have multiple unused pass-throughs and an iPod is a dock that mounts in a similar manner. Thus, you just slip the iPod into the always-present dock stuck in the desk. Clever.
Desk-mounted USB hub
Check-out the Belkin desk-mount USB hub, forward facing desk-mount USB hub, and desk-mount iPod dock. They will be about $40 each when they are available in the near future.

[Thanks Gizmodo]