Perforate your recordable discs for privacy

Destroy your private data discs with this punch
Help protect your identity and confidential data by destroying recordable CDs and DVDs with this small, inexpensive handheld punch.

It seems that you cannot turn on a TV or open a newspaper without finding some mention of “identity theft” these days. With more and more people keeping their lives in a digital format, data backups using CD-R discs or even DVD-R discs are commonplace in even the most technophobic households. What do you do with those discs when the data they contain is out-of-date or not longer needed?

You can’t just throw the disc in the trash because someone might fish it out and cause trouble. So, some people use a somewhat questionable microwave zapping technique while others buy expensive shredders that will reduce the discs to pieces. However, there is a safer, simpler, cheaper way.

For £2.97, you can get a hand-held plastic punch that lets you punch holes in the discs, which effectively renders them unreadable for people not willing to spend massive amounts of money to recover the information. Thus, you just use the punch to make the disc look like swiss cheese and then throw it out. Pretty handy!