Outlet strip that holds lots of wall warts!

Round outlet strip holds lots of AC adapters
I think nearly any gadget freak or even just your casual technology user will have a sizable pile of AC adapters (aka wall warts) sitting around and no way to plug them all in at once. This radial outlet strip will let you get all of your adapters charging and powering at the same time!

It seems that nearly every piece of technology we buy today has some kind of AC adapter to power it. The better brands/products come with a small, lightweight voltage converter, but the cheaper items (and older gadgets) have those heavy, bulky wall-warts which hang on the outlet preventing you from accessing the other plug.

You can get stuff like the Power Squid which help with that, but even a PowerSquid leaves you with a messy tangle of wires. That’s where this radial outlet strip comes-in! It’s a nice, solid round plastic block with six outlets arranged on the edge. You can plug-in your heaviest, large wall-warts and they will stay-put without blocking the neighboring outlets. Of course, it has built-in surge supressors to keep your goodies safe from most electrical jitters. A gadgeteer’s dream come true!

Get the Flying Saucer Shaped Outlet Strip in January.

[Thanks fosfor gadgets]

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  1. They need those at the airport.

  2. Great idea, Beth! I’ve always found that airports have a severe lack of plugs and something like this would help greatly.


  3. That’s what I’ve always needed in my office.

  4. I need to get a few of these for my office or home. I never have the right outlet strip that can hold enough ac adapters because as the post says, almost everything has ac adapters today.

  5. Theses AC Adapters might overheat and burn users

  6. What a great gadget! Saves hours of tangled cables and tracing back the wrong leads and it looks groovy too


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