Oh no! Here comes the boss gizmo for your computer

The computer stealth switch hides windows for secrecy
How often have you been surfing the web at work and in walks the boss to catch you wasting company time?

With the rising levels of at-work internet surfing, I’m sure that this scenario happens all the time. You’re shopping, researching hobbies, or any looking at any other “non-work” content at your desk when the boss walks-by. Gotcha!

I’ve often looked for a simple software package that will let me hide a window with a keypress. That way, you could set the application to hide a “Firefox” window when you press CTRL-enter, for example. However, I’ve not found such a utility. I’ve come close by finding apps that will hide the current window, but never one that will hide by name or window ID.

However, with the Stealth Switch from ThinkGeek, I think the problem is solved – plus it’s even better than a keyboard shortcut. The Stealth Switch can be installed under your desk (for foot activation) or anywhere else where you can discretely mash the button to hide windows that you don’t want seen. Now when the boss walks-by, just discretely tap your foot and hide those non-work-related browsers, games, etc. and tap again when the coast is clear.

What a great idea and it’s only $25 right now. Thanks to Coolest Gadgets for finding this one. I think I might be placing an order soon…