Laptop desk rolls with you on the plane

Luggage carrier features a fold-out desk for your laptop
You arrive for you flight a bit early and want to use your laptop for a while to pass the time, but you wish you had a desk. Wish no more!

This cool gadget combines a rolling luggage carrier with a simple fold-out desk which will enable you to use your laptop computer conveniently nearly anywhere you may be. Your luggage sits on the bottom part, much like any other rolling carrier, but near the top is a little panel that folds-out to form a desk 26″ above the floor for maximum ergonomics.

The carrier is made of lightweght ABS plastic and will hold a laptop with a 17″ screen or smaller on the platform. Get your rolling luggage desk for $160.


  1. Awsome, I do a lot of traveling and I could really use this in the airports. I always have to walk away from the gate to find a lounge where you have to buy the $8.00 drink to use their table. Wouldn’t take long to pay for this unit.