Keyboard with massive keys and massive print

The Vision Board large-print keyboard
Even the most “fat thumbed” typist will have trouble making mistakes on this computer keyboard! It has super large letter printing on the keys and the keys are pretty huge as well.

While this keyboard certainly won’t be a drop-in replacement for someone who’s good at typing, it will be very useful for those with limited sight and dexterity. The keyboard uses larger than normal keys which allow people with lower accuracy and dexterity to type better. On each of the huge keys is a large, easy-to-read letter, much like you’d find in a large-print book.

I’m sure that typing on this would be torturous for a normal user, primarily due to the adjusted key placement, but for those who have trouble with normal keyboards, this might just be the trick to get them productive with their computers. The Vision Board II is available in a black housing with bright yellow keys for enhanced visibility and also in a more subdued black and white combo.

You can get the Vision Board II for around $90 which actually is pretty cheap for an ergonomic input device.