Keep your drinks cool while you compute

USB powered drink chiller
One of the more useful USB gizmos, this USB-powered drink chiller may actually be worth having.

It seems that you can get pretty much anything in a USB powered version, although most of the products already out there are pretty stupid or useful only to a very small niche of users. However, nearly everyone likes to drink cold drinks and that what the USB Beverage Chiller does.

The chiller will keep your cans or bottles nice and cool – all the way down to 45F. It plugs into your computer’s USB port simply for power.

The USB Beverage Chiller is a neat idea that’s actually useful and possibly worth $40. The only downside? The company that’s selling it has the world’s worst URLs which are over a hundred characters (get with the times, Red Envelope!) so I’ve tinyurled it for you.


  1. That is pretty cool. And it would be quite useful. This would be one of those real good ideas for a Fathers Day present.

  2. Hay Al,

    Will it work on beer?