Help! My computer case is being attacked by the Alien!

Computer case screws shaped like a movie alien
If you’re tired of your plain-Jane case screws and even regular thumbscrews won’t fill your need for computer case customization, why don’t you try these thumbscrews that are shaped like the alien from the classic move Alien?

As anybody who works on their computer knows, thumbscrews (or is it thumb screws?) are a must-have. They allow you to pop the door on your computer and access its internal components without tracking down a screwdriver.

Of course, many people who are fanatic about computers choose to customize their machines with custom lighting, paint jobs, and other interesting hacks. But what to do with those plain old thumbscrews?

Well, now you can even customize those. Get these Bronze Alien Thumbscrews for only $0.99 (on sale from $1.99) and enjoy a new level of pride as even the basic parts of your computer case are now customized and probably unique among your friends at the next LAN party.