Cross a Swiss Army knife with a USB memory stick

CyberSnipa USB flash memory "dog tags" with Swiss-Army style tools
Just imagine: what happens when you’re stranded in a remote data center, with chilly cold air conditioning threatening to freeze you solid, and you need a pair of pliers and also your files to complete the job. What do you do?

You reach for the Cyber Snipa “Dog Tags,” that’s what!

The Dog Tags combine a USB flash drive into a casing that is shaped similarly to the military tags used to ID soldiers. The flash drive cleverly plugs into the “tag” which is held around your neck via a realistic ball-chain.

However, that is not all. The tag-shaped casing also holds several tools, much like your trusty Swiss Army knife. Included is a pair of pliers, a can opener, and a screwdriver.

So, never again will you fear entering a desolate, chilly, un-manned datacenter because you’ll have the screwdriver to open a case and the flash drive to load your sysadmin files. The Cyber Snipa Dog Tags are available in several flash memory sizes ranging from 512MB to 4GB.