Colorfully customized keyboards

The keyboard sticker set for Final Cut Pro
If you’re a professional (or wanna be) video editor, Photoshop guru, or anyone else who uses common software with keyboard shortcuts, these sticker sets will aid your efficiency in a big way.

Nearly every single pro-level application out there, whether it’s for Mac or Windows, has lots and lots of keyboard shortcuts. If you are a “pro” and want to be fast and efficient, keyboard shortcuts are a must-have. You can actually spot newbies and inexperienced users of these software tools because they use the pull-down menus.

However, if you’re a pro-level user or someone just looking to become faster, the dozens of keyboard shortcuts can be tough to remember or just downright confusing. That’s where these EditorsKeys sticker sets come into play.

Each sticker set is customized for for an application. Some of the supported apps include Final Cut Pro, Avid, Photoshop, Cubase and Logic Pro. The stickers apply right to your keyboard and help indicate the various keyboard shortcut functions via on-key text as well as color coding (you may have been seeing these color-coded keyboards on many TV shows lately).

So, if you’re spent thousands on your pro-level tools, why not spend another $10-20 to get an EditorKeys sticker set to help you utilize the software to your highest ability?