Chumby gives web info anywhere in your home

Chumby wireless data display
Get weather info, stock prices, or any number of other web services wirelessly anywhere in your house using this cool new device.

The Chumby is a long-awaited mini display that can connect to the web and display many forms of information. The Chumby features a 3.5″ color LCD display and connects to your existing wireless router using almost any normal encryption option. Once connected, the Chumby accesses the Chumby Network which provides you with free data feeds for things like stock prices and movie previews anywhere you carry the device. Now you can keep an eye on the company stock price and find-out what the weather is like while you’re getting ready in the bathroom in the morning.

The Chumby is equipped with some decent hardware such as a 350MHz ARM processor, 64MB of RAM and a squeeze sensor for input. A couple of USB ports, speakers, and other goodies mean that you can be sure the hackers will be adopting the Chumby and writing all sorts of cool applications for it!

Get your Chumby for $180 in one of three colors, including an AC adapter and free access to the Chumby Network.