Charge and sync a gigantic pile of iPhones and iPods at once

Parasync iPhone and iPod sync/charge station handles up to 20 devices
If you’re rich enough to own up to 20 iPods and/or iPhones, you can probably afford to hire a servant to charge and sync all of your devices, but in the off-chance you want to do it yourself, check-out this massive docking station!

So, over the years, you’ve built-up quite a pile of iPods and maybe a few iPhones. Perhaps you have several people in your household who’ve done the same? Surely there aren’t enough hours in the day to sync and charge them all one at a time, so thankfully, this Parasync iPod docking station comes to the rescue!

The Parasync lets you charge and sync up to TWENTY iPods and iPhones at once. Simply plug them all in, then connect the USB cable to your computer, and voila! All of the devices show-up in iTunes where your normal device setting take-over and do the heavy-lifting.

Of course, I jest about a household needing this (although I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere) but it’s perfect for places like museums who use iPods to deliver audio tours and stuff like that.

There’s no price – you must ask for a quote which pretty much means it’s way more than the average person will want to spend. Check-out the demo video:

For more information, check-out the Parasync yourself. [Thanks]
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