Carrying handle for your laptop

Handle lets you carry your Macbook without a bag
Here’s a great idea! This handle mounts to your laptop and provides a grip for when you’re carrying the laptop around, but when not in use, it holds the laptop up a bit to help with cooling.

Made of high quality aluminum, the Handle-it attaches to the underside of your laptop and gives you an easy-to-grab handle to cart your laptop around. It’s designed for the Macbook series of laptops and installs using existing holes, although I’m not sure what holes they’re talking about as mine doesn’t have any. I’d imagine that with a bit of creativity and paying attention to installing it, it might even work on some other brands and models as well.

The handle cleverly folds out of the way when you’re using the laptop and if you prefer, it will even fold underneath so that the laptop is elevated slightly for improved cooling — and we all know how hot modern laptops can get!

The Handle-it is only $50, which is pretty reasonable if you have a need to carry a Macbook around without the full protection of a bag. You can pick white or black, too!


  1. Here is another great laptop handle. This one fits any laptop and has a great ergonomic handle. No need to use screws to hold it on! I got one for all three of my laptops and my mother-in-law’s too!


  2. Hmm, very interesting.. and reasonable priced too.

  3. Laptop Handles are great for moving around the house,