Boost your memory even though you drink booze

Combined USB flash drive with bottle opener
It’s generally accepted that drinking too much will cause memory problems, so how can you deal with that issue while still enjoying your hooch? Get this bottle opener!

I guess I’ve never understood why people have to carry a bottle opener with them at all times. I can’t say that I’ve had to “emergency drink” on any occasion in my lifetime, but hey, to each his own.

Well, many people do carry a USB flash drive with them at all times so they can have documents, software tools, and other handy things on-hand.

To the people who exist in both camps, this Popdrive bottle opener/USB flash drive will be heaven. It combines both a 1GB USB flash drive with a beer bottle opener into a clever all-in-one package. Now, you can open a beer and edit your Word docs anytime the mood strikes, assuming you’ve got a computer handy…

The Popdrive is only $30, so it’s pretty cheap even if you only want it for the novelty.