$130 USB in-wall power adapter

In-wall power adapter provides USB type power
Yeah, not only is the electricity shocking, but so is the price of this AC adapter!

I’ve got to admit that I’d love to have a “USB” format 5 volt power supply available in the plugs in my house to charge the various electronic gizmos I own. It would save me from keeping track of the dozen various AC adapters that all just output a standard 5 volts.

Well, here is such a device: the USB superboster wall plate. It’s an in-wall AC adapter that installs in a standard wall box, just like any other outlet. It provides a USB type plug and the requisite 5v and 500ma of power. The problem? Well, the $130 pricetag is pretty significant! If they could build something like this into a standard dual-gang outlet for a couple bucks more than normal, I’d be game, but no way I’m paying $130 for an adapter!