What if Mr. T played Atari in the 80’s?

Atari joystick necklace
If he did (and being the uber-cool 80’s icon that he is, I’m sure he did) he would have liked to have this Atari 2600 joystick necklace amongst his 12 pounds of pimpalicious gold chains.

Nothing screams “1980s!” more than Mr. T (via the A-Team) and the Atari 2600. Those two 80s icons are probably where most of us computer nerds spent 90% of our time. The Atari was famous for the single red buttoned joystick and of course, Mr. T was famous for the piles and piles of gold jewelry he wore. Oh yeah – he had a mohawk too…

So, if Mr. T wanted to sport a bit of classic Atari bling, he’d buy the Joystick Necklace. It’s a super tiny model of the 2600’s classic joystick that even features a tiny red button. The only thing wrong, at least for Mr. T, is that it’s silver. I guess you can’t expect too much for $3.


  1. Oh my gosh, is that hideous. I guess they will think of anything though. I think my little ones would love playing with it though.