Travel jacket has 39 pockets but looks normal

Scottvest travel jacket has 39 pockets
This coat has enough pockets that you’ll feel like you’re wearing a suitcase, but it looks like a normal coat.

If you travel and feel constrained by the carry-on limitations, this is your jacket! It features 39 pockets to store your iPod, phone, notebooks, passport, and pretty much anything else you could possibly want to carry on your person. Stuff the coat full of your goodies and you’ll practically have a second carry-on!

This soft microsuede jacket is water and wind resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for traveling in unknown weather conditions. Some pockets are connected by sewn channels so you can run wires between your various gadgets.

Like most high quality travel merchandise, the Scottvest Microsuede Travel Jacket is not cheap at $199, but it might just be the only jacket you need for temperate travel.


  1. A jacket with that amount of pockets and zippers would have made me think of something from the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” days.

  2. I agree with Al!!


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