Chainmail shirt keeps the girls away at work too

Look like a dork at work by wearing this chainmail shirt
If you really want to showboat your dorkness while sitting in your cubicle, get this chainmail shirt like the guy in photo!

Alright – I’ve gotta admit that I have a passing interest in the whole medevial thing: knights, castles, and all of that. But when I saw the photo of the guy sitting in his cube at work wearing this chainmail shirt, that went well beyond even my tolerance for being a dork!

This chainmail T-shirt won’t be protecting you from much, though. It’s constructed of thousands of tiny rings, just like the real thing, but in the interest of keeping the weight low enough that the average office lackey can wear it, the rings are made of aluminum which will bend if you snag it on something. It’s available in two sizes to fit the scrawny computer nerd as well as the tugboat-sized Comic Store Guy type D&D dork.

Grab the Chainmail T-Shirt for $100 and enjoy knowing that you’re the most well armored worker in the office!


  1. well i donte think i will be rushing out to get my hands on one of these any time soon LOL.