Charge your phone or iPod on the run

Never be caught with a dead phone battery, whether you use a regular phone or smart phone/iPhone.

Convert rolling luggage to hold your kid as well

If you just can’t bash enough ankles as you run through the airport wildly pulling your rolling luggage, now you can strap your kid’s car seat on (and even put the kid in it) and really smack some shins on your fellow travelers!

Keep your RV’s sewage hose from flying around!

When you’re draining the sewage tank on your recreational vehicle, the last thing you want is the end of the hose coming unplugged from the drain pipe. Yuck!

Travel jacket has 39 pockets but looks normal

This coat has enough pockets that you’ll feel like you’re wearing a suitcase, but it looks like a normal coat.

Classy portable picnic table is easy to transport

When you go on a picnic or other outing involving outdoor eating, you no longer have to sit on the ground or sit on the plastic coolers. Instead, dine with some class on a wooden folding table!

Folding cello goes anywhere you feel like playing

The cello is one of the largest instruments you’ll see people playing and it’s not exactly a great option if you want to travel. This folding cello solves that problem!

Maybe now you can really sleep on the plane

If you want to get a bit of rest on your next flight but just can’t seem to get comfortable in the slightly-reclining seats, this could be your next purchase.

Log your travels around town or around the world

Here’s a really cool idea – a personal GPS recorder that uploads to Google Earth so you can see exactly where you’ve been.

Clean that filthy, infected airplane air

They say that airplanes are a major source of sickness — you and a hundred plus people all coughing and sharing the same air. How are you to avoid getting sick before the vacation you’re flying to?