Personal snake-cam lets you peek in small places

If you’ve ever watched those James Bond movies where they use the little bendy snake camera to look around corners and under doors, here’s your chance to actually own one!

Keep nuts and bolts handy while working

Don’t you just hate when you’re standing on a ladder, unscrewing something and despite your best efforts to set the screws carefully on the ladder’s top, they fall off? Down you climb, then hunt for the missing screw, and then climb back up. What a pain. This’ll fix that!

Electric alligator to help trim your trees

This gator wants to help you out with your yard work by chopping-off troublesome tree branches with its sharp teeth!

Duplicate angles quickly for your projects

Do you have hobbies which require you to cut strange angles and match shapes? Do you do your own home improvement projects? If so, you’ll see that this tool will be immediately useful.

Extension cords with evenly spaced outlets

Another of those “why didn’t I think of that?” inventions.

Pocket (and wallet) busting Swiss Army knife

Do you have a spare $800 in your pocket for a new Swiss Army knife?