Sneak beer wherever you go with a Beer Belly

Are you tired of paying the super-inflated prices for beer and other drinks at sporting events or even movie theatres? Then you need this amazing gizmo which not only lets you bring 80 ounces of your favorite drink wherever you go, but makes you sexy in the process.

Waterproof MP3 headphones go anywhere

If you like to swim, kayak, hike, or do any other vigorous activity with a bit of music, you need to take these lightweight, waterproof mp3 playing headphones along for the ride.

A Duffer’s Dream: Golf ball radar system

Give your golf game a huge boost and save a few bucks on lost balls at the same time with this high-tech solution to hunting through the weeds looking for your slightly imperfect drive!

Lifevest for your keys

Save yourself the hassle of diving for dropped keys by getting this pocket-sized automatic inflatable keychain buoy.

Ultimate tailgating luxury

If you’re one of those party animals who really enjoys tailgating, whether at a concert or football game, this set of hitch-mounted hammocks will bring your enjoyment to a new level.

Golf club tape dispenser helps with daydreaming

If you’re stuck at your desk but would rather be out on the links, this unusually shaped tape dispenser will at least help you daydream that you’re playing.

Ultimate tailgating party kit

You’ll feel like McGyver when you arrive to your local stadium armed with this all-in-one portable grill, utensils, and cooler!

Golf tee ups your accuracy

Who would have thought that anyone would apply advanced design techniques to a golf tee, of all things, but someone did!

Star Trek and golfing collide into a unique putter

I’m sure that Captain Picard used a putter like this to practice his shots in the ready room, that is when he wasn’t on the holodeck…

It’s got a frickin’ laser!

Sure lasers can be used for stuff like advanced physics experiments and astronomy, but how does that help Joe Sixpack? Stick a laser on your putter and find out!