Economy cardboard iPhone case

Has the economy hit you a bit hard recently so that you need to protect your iPhone while still maintaining your budget? This iPhone carrying case gives you the protection you desire at a wallet-friendly price!

USB flash drive protection

If you need to protect the valuable data contained on your USB flash drive but don’t want the added complexity of encryption, this combination lock may keep prying eyes away from your files.

Fake racing brake caliper covers

Maybe you bought the fake turbo sound kit I wrote about some time ago, and now you’re looking to boost the perceived “performance” of your cheap riced-out Hyundai Tiburon. What next, though? How about some fancy looking racing brakes without the painful pricetag!

Hillbillies rejoice! Animated animals for your hitch

If you’ve got a redneck or a hillbilly on your shopping list this year, here is a product that’s sure to excite them: motorized, animated animals and motorcycles that mount on their pickup truck’s hitch!

Fake sunroof just sticks on

If you’re wanting the appearance of having a sunroof on your car but don’t really care about whether it lets any sun in or not, this stick-on sunroof sticker is just what you’ll need.

Surprise visitors with a dog butt blast

Those motion sensing plastic yard frogs that croak when someone walks-by are soooo “old lady”. Dog butts are the new thing!

Bling bling booze holder

Pouring your Hennessy ‘yac on the floor is sooo yesterday. All the cool rappers and thugs will be pounding their hooch from their finger-mounted, diamond-shaped shot glasses.

Office Space kit spices-up your office space

If you hate your job and idolize the movie Office Space, you will undoubtedly appreciate this Office Space decorating kit.

Capture someone’s nasty chili-dog burp forever

The internet is a big place and I guess that if enough people get online, you’re going to be able to sell anything to someone. Enter the Breath Capture series of personal mementos which allow you to forever capture the breath of a friend of loved-one in a small tube.

Hide your recharging gizmos in a hideous hideout

I’m not sure what these people are thinking, but they have created a charging station for your various PocketPCs, cellphones, iPods, and other rechargeable gizmos which is absolutely hideous. You’d think that buying a “station” to handle the recharging of your toys would mean that you get something better than the typical clutter of cords […]