USB flash drive protection

If you need to protect the valuable data contained on your USB flash drive but don’t want the added complexity of encryption, this combination lock may keep prying eyes away from your files.

Hide your valuables in a cheap looking clock

Why hide a wall safe behind a fancy painting when every burglar knows about that? Instead, keep your goodies in a much cheaper, more functional type of hidden safe: a clock!

Your fingerprint opens this personal document safe

If you have a little lock-box at home which you keep a few valuables in, you can take the security to the next level by using your fingerprint to control access to the contents!

Alarm system uses your own voice

Because you can record your own messages for each zone on this home alarm, it can be used for more than just an alarm system.

Avoid being locked-out with this lock-box

Nobody likes leaving their spare house keys under a rock or doormat these days, especially when you can have a secure locked key safe instead!

Never lose your keys on your desk again!

If you’re one of those people who’s constantly losing their keys underneath the mess of papers, magazines, and other stuff on your desk, this is the gizmo for you: a tiny, hand-held metal detector!

Perforate your recordable discs for privacy

Help protect your identity and confidential data by destroying recordable CDs and DVDs with this small, inexpensive handheld punch.

Stylish biometric locks for your home

If you wanted to have a fingerprint activated lock on your home until now, you had to have a large, usually ugly lock system much like you’d find on a factory door. Now, thanks to Kwikset, you can have a lock that looks nice but still offers you the techie goodness that you desire.