Radio control metal detecting car

Discover untold riches and treasure without leaving your beach chair with this radio controlled car with built-in metal detector.

Is it a helicopter or flying robot?

When flying a radio controlled helicopter just isn’t exotic enough for you any longer, you can entertain yourself by flying a hovering robot around instead.

Remote Control Apache AH-64 attack helicopter

Conduct micro-scale attacks on your co-workers with this tiny remote control helicopter!

When lounging around the pool is too much work…

You know, sometimes laying next to a pool is just plain hard work. You have to sweat all that water, process all that vitamin D from the sun’s rays, and above all, you have to stay awake so you don’t get a horrible sunburn. Oh, when will the toiling ever end?

Backyard battles with radio controlled tanks

Not only are these realistic, dual-tracked tanks which can climb over obstacles and turn on a dime, but they also have infrared guns and a scoring system which lets you have real battles!

Radio control horse racing?

Yep – the craze with miniature radio control toys is no longer confined to helicopters and planes. Now, you can buy a remote controlled horse!

Radio controlled sister terrorizer

Now little brothers everywhere can enjoy scaring their sisters without getting close enough to be punched.

Pillage the pirate booty from afar

Now you can pretend you’re a pirate and pilot your very own pirate schooner in your pool (that’s a bunch of “p”s!)

Ambush office workers with a radio control missile launcher

This fun toy lets you have foam-missile battles with your buddies at the office. It’s a wireless, radio controlled mobile missile bank!

Miami Vice in your own swimming pool

You’ll feel like Crocket and Tubbs are chasing drug runners in your own back yard with this radio control cigarette-style speed boat.