Futuristic fish aquariums

None of us may ever live to see a truly different future where arcology is used for human living, but you can bring a bit of futuristic flair to your home with these hand-made aquariums that look like something from a sci-fi TV show.

LED dog collar lights the way for Fido

Keep your dog from tripping in the dark, or let him carry the light for you with this LED-lit dog collar.

Turn your fish into circus animals

Amaze your friends and neighbors with your trained fish as they perform miraculous tasks like fetching pebbles and swimming through hoops!

Doggles – Eye protection for your pooch

There’s no end to what people will spend on their kids and pets (are kids pets?) and these “eye protection” goggles for your dogs are a fine example.

Keep tabs on your pets (or children) with GPS

Watch Fido’s movements through the forest or just cheat at hide-and-seek with this fancy tracking GPS tool.

Stealth wall-mounted aquarium

Do you love the look of a nice, clean, bright aquarium but don’t have the space to devote to a full-sized floor-standing tank? With this wall-mounted tank, you can have your tank after all!

Give your dog his day of revenge against Mike Vick

Surely you’ve heard of the recent debacle with the football player Michael Vick allegedly holding dog fights. Well, here’s your way to get back…

Does your pooch need some Prozac?

Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s day joke – check the date on the source article. Apparently, Eli Lilly aims to re-target their Prozac product for your dog to help it “deal” with being separated from you, his precious owner.

Better hope your hamster doesn’t join a biker gang

What are you to do if your pet rodent is tired of running in a wire wheel? Does your dog chase poor hammy in his little exercise ball on the floor? Maybe an exercise motorcycle would be cooler?