Get serious with this mega grill brush / scraper!

Got a big job to handle when scraping your BBQ grill? Looking to impress your NASCAR buddies with your manly cleaning abilities? There’s no better tool to use than this BBQ brush…

Carry lots of beer everywhere you go

Whether you’re going to 4th of July concerts or simply having a BBQ and never want to risk having a hydration outage, this beer holster will be right there with you, providing the 12 ounce nourishment you require.

Sneak beer wherever you go with a Beer Belly

Are you tired of paying the super-inflated prices for beer and other drinks at sporting events or even movie theatres? Then you need this amazing gizmo which not only lets you bring 80 ounces of your favorite drink wherever you go, but makes you sexy in the process.

Meade mySky makes stargazing easy and fun

Amateur and hobbyist astronomers will love this cool gizmo which helps you locate stars, find constellations, and even controls your normal telescope for more detailed viewing.

Backyard home theater

If you’re addicted to watching your TV, yet you still enjoy relaxing in the back yard under the stars, this inflatable projection screen should be on your shopping list.

LED dog collar lights the way for Fido

Keep your dog from tripping in the dark, or let him carry the light for you with this LED-lit dog collar.

Win the battle with this snowball gun

You can own the neighborhood with this snowball gun which makes and launches snowballs up to 50 feet!

Personal Handheld Planetarium

If you’ve ever stared into the night sky wondering and dream of all that’s out there, you probably also enjoy trips to the local planetarium where they point-out the constellations and various features in the sky. Now, you can take the planetarium with you in this cool hand-held gizmo!

Photograph underwater with this dive mask

Whether you’re snorkeling or actually diving, you will probably see some amazing sights that you’d like to capture in a photograph. This dive mask gives you the easy way to do that!

Lifevest for your keys

Save yourself the hassle of diving for dropped keys by getting this pocket-sized automatic inflatable keychain buoy.