Automatically restart your troublesome electronic devices

Keep your unruly devices in-line by restarting them every night, automatically! No more locked-up routers or cable boxes.

The Stampler is a staplin’ and stampin’ all at once

Kill two boring office tasks in one slam of your fist with the Stampler — the combination stapler and rubber stamp!

How much money do you waste in meetings?

This cool clock will help you track the massive amounts of time and money that you and your company waste in meetings.

Pyramid power plug solves wall wart problems

With the huge number of wall warts we all have for our various electronics gadgets, it’s become difficult to find plugs for them all. Not any longer with the Powramid.

Bamboo fountain powered by USB

Get the soothing sounds of running water and clunking wood on your desktop at work, all powered by your computer’s USB port.

It’s cubical warfare!

Dream-up an idea for a medieval warfare weapon, build it, and then conquer the poor schmuck in the next cube with this wooden war engine kit!

Floating desk globe amazes and educates

Combine the class and style of having your own globe with technology that amaze and impress your visitors with this anti-gravity globe.

Nap at work with this high-tech pod

You could be sanctioned to sleep on the job with one of these high-tech pods that lets you powernap during the day.

Joined at the hip by a chair

You’ve probably heard the phrase “they’re joined at the hip” and this chair actually does that, thus allowing two people to share a computer screen equally.

See through time

Now you can see through time, in a manner of speaking, but sorry, you still cannot travel through it!