Solar powered LED driveway lights

Make sure that you never drive off the edge of your driveway ever again with these environmentally friendly, energy saving solar powered lights.

Use the sun to illuminate your deck at night

With summer approaching, it’s time to get ready to hang-out on the deck and relax. You don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark, though, so get some solar powered deck lights!

Hippies and Mario addicts unite!

Mushroom shaped lights will make both Mario maniacs and hippie herbheads jump for joy!

Recycled washer tub makes a cool light/table

Who would have thought about turning a washing machine tub into a light-up table?

Soothing jellyfish on your desktop

Do you enjoy the soothing movements of jellyfish slowly pulsating through the water but you don’t want to own an aquarium that can support them? Grab a decorative tank full of plastic fish instead!

An underwater journey in your own living room

Grab this unique LED light to make your room feel like it’s under water in a tropical paradise!

Handy LED lights activate with magnets

These micro-sized white LED lights are activated with a magnet. Why’s that useful you ask? Read on…

Light projects the Aurora Borealis in your room

If you like to get a bit mellow and enjoy things like lava lamps and other psychedelic light shows, this pill-shaped gadget will be on your shopping list.

Read by the light of an alien abduction

Here’s a unique lamp that will have you thinking “Mars Attacks!” as you relax.

Your very own string laser show

This handheld “laser show” uses a piece of string and a motor to create some really cool optical illusions and effects.