Meade mySky makes stargazing easy and fun

Amateur and hobbyist astronomers will love this cool gizmo which helps you locate stars, find constellations, and even controls your normal telescope for more detailed viewing.

Personal Handheld Planetarium

If you’ve ever stared into the night sky wondering and dream of all that’s out there, you probably also enjoy trips to the local planetarium where they point-out the constellations and various features in the sky. Now, you can take the planetarium with you in this cool hand-held gizmo!

Personal planetarium

This super-cool hand-held gizmo lets you navigate the night sky with ease as you locate constellations and other points of interest.

Hydrodynamic nerd’s Lego set

Hot off the ThinkGeek newsletter, we find this construction set that lets you perform hydrodynamic experiments. Translation: you get to play with water!

Grow your own frogs

I guess that ant farms are pretty standard fare for young kids, so what can you grow and observe if your kid (or you!) wants something different? You can always try growing some frogs!

Learn about electronics and microcontrollers

So many of our electronic gizmos are designed using microprocessors and microcontrollers these days that we take the tiny things for granted. To the non electronic enthusiast/engineer, these little black “computer chips” can appear mysterious and bewildering, but this learning kits wants to change that.