Spring flower planting made easier with Mom-friendly USB tool

This interesting USB gadget brings modern datalogging technology to your flower gardens and helps you have the yard that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood!

Jawas are attacking your flowers!

For the consumate Star Wars nerd… uh… enthusiast who needs to extend the sci-fi geekness into the outdoor areas of the house, this little guy is bound to be top choice and probably totally unique in your neighborhood…

Handy handrail hanging planters

These interesting flower pots don’t balance precariously on your patio handrail — they use it for stability!

Self watering plants

If you like growing potted plants but just can’t seem to remember to water them, then this amazingly simple rain collector will be very helpful!

Collapsing wheelbarrow saves space

Most people only need a wheelbarrow once in a while, but if you buy one, it’s taking-up space in your garage full-time. What a waste…

Surprise visitors with a dog butt blast

Those motion sensing plastic yard frogs that croak when someone walks-by are soooo “old lady”. Dog butts are the new thing!

Cool scoop keeps you warm and drinks cool

You no longer have to submerge your arm in the icy slush to retrieve that beer or other drink from the cooler.

Electric alligator to help trim your trees

This gator wants to help you out with your yard work by chopping-off troublesome tree branches with its sharp teeth!

Motion activated lawn sentry

Protect your beautiful green lawn from pooping pests by spraying them with water – even when you’re not around!


Keep those annoying, egotistical Canadian geese away with this goose repellent. Yeah, I didn’t know such a thing existed either…