Glow in the dark Illuminottoman for patio living

If you’ve got a nice big pool and patio, you probably have a good chunk of cash, so these light-up cubes may be just the ‘kick’ your night-time parties need!

Photograph underwater with this dive mask

Whether you’re snorkeling or actually diving, you will probably see some amazing sights that you’d like to capture in a photograph. This dive mask gives you the easy way to do that!

The Fridge keeps your canned drinks cold (mini review)

I’m addicted to The Fridge and after 15 years of using one to keep my drinks cold, I’ll be ordering more ASAP!

Cool scoop keeps you warm and drinks cool

You no longer have to submerge your arm in the icy slush to retrieve that beer or other drink from the cooler.

When lounging around the pool is too much work…

You know, sometimes laying next to a pool is just plain hard work. You have to sweat all that water, process all that vitamin D from the sun’s rays, and above all, you have to stay awake so you don’t get a horrible sunburn. Oh, when will the toiling ever end?