Live long and Spocker

Whether you’re a kitchen geek or just love Star Trek, you will want a set of these interesting oven mitts!

Gun-shaped fried eggs? What next?

Do you have a child who’s into cowboys and would love pistol-shaped eggs for breakfast? Are you shopping for someone who’s mad about Western movies and already has everything except gun-shaped fried eggs? Read on!

Easy vacuum storage for your foods

Tired of having your food go bad too quickly and don’t want to mess with those finicky vacuum sealing bag machines? Keep fresh foods handy with this countertop vacuum storage container.

Never fight to get a lid open again

You’ll never have to resort to using screwdrivers, spoon handles, or other odd methods to open a tightly sealed jar if you have this opener.

Grow herbs in your computer case

If you’ve got a need to covertly grow some “fresh herbs” in your house, you may be overlooking a great place to do it — in a computer case!

Donut machine cranks minis out in your kitchen

Forget that dusty old bread making machine! This awesome all-in-one machine cranks-out miniature donuts right on your kitchen counter!

Grocery list printer with voice recognition

Hang this digital gizmo on your fridge and when you run out of some food, just speak the name and the food is captured and added to the printable list.

A wine cellar in your kitchen

Keeping some good bottles of wine handy is a good idea, but a wine cellar is a better choice for storing wine at the correct temperature. This refrigerator brings the cellar to your kitchen so a drink is never more than a few steps away!

Grow desktop plants with the power of USB

This micro greenhouse lets you grow plants on your desk using the power of your computer!

Coffee/tea scoop has built-in freshness seal

Keep your coffee or tea fresh and never lose the scoop with this smart combination gizmo.