Keep nuts and bolts handy while working

Don’t you just hate when you’re standing on a ladder, unscrewing something and despite your best efforts to set the screws carefully on the ladder’s top, they fall off? Down you climb, then hunt for the missing screw, and then climb back up. What a pain. This’ll fix that!

Protect your exotic cars even when garaged

If you’ve got loads of money and a couple expensive cars in your garage, you might be interested in a tidy curtain to keep the cars separated.

Self lifting bike racks let you reclaim your garage

These neat self-lifting bicycle racks let you get a bit of floorspace back in your garage by storing bikes on the wall.

Combine slow-moving liquids with ease

If you’re the kind of person who likes to consolidate bottles of shampoo, soap, ketchup, or whatever, but you hate waiting for the slow-moving liquids to transfer, check these funnels out!

Never lose your WD-40 red straw again

Or whatever other straws you have with your aerosol products.