Humane way to have a mounted deer head

If you’re just not the kind of person who wants to actually kill a deer to have its head mounted on your wall, then you might want to take a look at this hand-carved wooden deer head.

Joined at the hip by a chair

You’ve probably heard the phrase “they’re joined at the hip” and this chair actually does that, thus allowing two people to share a computer screen equally.

Coffee table holds many magazines

But unlike the one probably sitting in your home right now, this one doesn’t look excessively cluttered when loaded with magazines.

Boldly go where no other lamp has gone before!

Check-out these amazing, hand-crafted starship lamps.

Fat-legged table hides your cable

A unique way to manage that mess of cables that’s present on any modern electronic device.

Bed floats on magnets

The ultimate in designer chic furniture.

LED-lit tables that are stylish and dazzling

Who says that tech has to be black plastic and unsophisticated?