Easier to be lazy with hands-free snooze

Activate the snooze on this combination clock and weather station with the wave of your hand.

Polite alarm clock wakes you with wind chimes

Everyone hates that annoying buzzer blast that typical alarm clocks use to blow you out of bed in the morning. This one tries to wake you up without putting you in a bad mood.

Cool shelf mounts on your bedpost

If you’ve just got to drink beer in bed and need somewhere to set your can, or perhaps you want to hold some pens or books while you read in bed, this shelf is just what you need!

Bedsheets that will help your imagination

These bedsheets and towels will help the person with needs a boost to their imagination!

Flying alarm clock wakes you with mosquito-like sounds

For those who’re hard to wake-up, I guess.

Space-age pillows glow like a movie prop

Want your bedroom to feel like a Star Trek set, at least without the alien babes?

Bed floats on magnets

The ultimate in designer chic furniture.