A sarcophagus of facial tissues

Blow your nose like an Egyptian king when you pull tissues from this King Tut burial mask tissue box.

Super toilette for romantic number twos in twos

If you’re so enamored with your lover that you can’t stand to be apart even while you’re, ahem, visiting the crapper, you’ll be wanting this new Super Toilette to keep your relationship in harmony.

Entertaining toilets have transparent tanks

Is your bathroom in need of a new design or bit of flair? Have you ever considered replacing your toilet’s tank with a clear, aquarium-like tank complete with watery decorations? Maybe you should!

Help fight terrorism in your bathroom

Do your part to help fight the battle and make Bin Laden disappear when you pee on him.

Hold your nice clean towels with a dog butt

Here’s a gizmo that’s sure to draw a few comments the next time you have company over. It’s a towel holder with a quirk: it’s a dog’s rear end.

Bedsheets that will help your imagination

These bedsheets and towels will help the person with needs a boost to their imagination!

Combine slow-moving liquids with ease

If you’re the kind of person who likes to consolidate bottles of shampoo, soap, ketchup, or whatever, but you hate waiting for the slow-moving liquids to transfer, check these funnels out!

There’s UFO in my toilet!

OK, upon closer inspection, it just looks like a UFO. It’s really some “aiming aids” which help the night-time bathroom visitor hit the mark.

Heated body lotion dispenser signals that you have too much money

One thing is for sure these days: we have it easy. With today’s unparalleled luxuries and excessive consumption, how does one pamper themselves after a hard day of letting their husband work all day? With a heated body lotion dispenser, of course!

The Fish ‘n Flush aquarium toilet

Replace your standard, boring toilet with something a bit more interesting: the Fish ‘n Flush. It has a specially-designed tank which is divided into two sections, one for the regular flushing water and another to house your live fish.